Quand plusieurs adjectifs sont utilisés ensemble, l'ordre dépend de la fonction de l'adjectif. L'ordre habituel est :

Quantité, Valeur / opinion, Taille, Température, Âge, Forme, Couleur, Origine, Matière

Ce que l'adjectif exprime Exemples
Quantité four, ten, a few, several
Valeur / opinion delicious, charming, beautiful
Taille tall, tiny, huge
Température hot, cold
Âge old, young, new, 14-year-old
Forme square, round
Couleur red, purple, green
Origine Swedish, Victorian, Chinese
Matière glass, silver, wooden
  • They have a lovely old red post-box.
  • The playroom has six small round plastic tables.
  • I bought some charming Victorian silver ornaments at the flea market.
  • She is selling her flashy 3-year-old Italian car.
  • It was a beautiful cold day.